Remotely Manage Facilities in Real Time from Anywhere

Revolutionize the way you do business with cloud-based security that can scale with you. Improve storage and warehouse operations, enhance productivity, and always have a clear line of sight into operations.

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Remotely Manage Facilities in Real Time from Anywhere

Trusted by Storage and Warehouse Leaders

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Protect Staff, Property, and Assets
Accelerate Emergency Response and Eliminate False Alarms
Gain Insight into Environment Conditions with Smart Sensors
Quickly Communicate with Staff or Customers from Anywhere
Stay in Control of Access Points
Rhombus in Self-Storage Facilities

Rhombus in Self-Storage Facilities

Safeguard customer belongings, deter theft, reduce false alarms, and streamline security management across all facilities.

Rhombus in Inventory Warehouses

Rhombus in Inventory Warehouses

Minimize losses due to unauthorized access, ensure accurate inventory management, and maintain a secure environment 24/7.

Rhombus in Hazmat Warehouses

Rhombus in Hazmat Warehouses

Reduce the risk of accidents or damage, ensure compliance with safety regulations, and protect employees’ well-being.

Platform Features


Improve Building Security

Deploy unlimited devices across all locations to eliminate blind spots and acquire real-time visibility from a centralized web console and mobile app.


Eliminate False Alarms

Integrated alarms and video monitoring verifies alerts and dispatches emergency services based on suspicious activity, unusual behavior, and more.


Reduce Theft and Vandalism

Leverage powerful AI analytics to detect, deter, and investigate acts of theft or vandalism and share footage with local emergency services.


Maintain Optimal Environments

Protect assets with IoT sensors and real-time alerts for temperature irregularities, unhealthy working conditions, unauthorized access, and more.

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Rhombus is Trusted by Storage and Warehouse Leaders

Rhombus is Trusted by Storage and Warehouse Leaders
10 federal

“Rhombus has allowed us to remotely view any property, be alerted to specific activities, better serve our customers, actively control building access, and more.”

Brad Minsley

Brad Minsley

Managing Director at 10 Federal

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