Alarm Monitoring

Enjoy Total Peace of Mind After Hours

Smart alarms, real agents. Protect your buildings 24/7/365 with modern alarm monitoring that combines automatic security alerts with live monitoring services.

Enjoy Total Peace of Mind After Hours
Protect Your Spaces Around the Clock with Professional Monitoring

Protect Your Spaces Around the Clock with Professional Monitoring

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    24/7 Automatic Threat Detection

    Rhombus AI Analytics continuously monitor your environment for potential threats, including trespassing and persons-of-interest.

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    Professional Threat Assessment in Real Time

    After-hours security alerts are routed to a TMA Five Diamond Certified dispatcher who investigates via security camera feeds.

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    Rapid Emergency Response

    When a threat is verified, the agent takes immediate action to neutralize the threat and protect your facilities.

Take Action In A Verified Emergency

  • Threat Assessment
  • Notify Contacts
  • Audio Deterrents
  • Emergency Dispatch
  • Share Data

Intelligent, Informed Response

Live Threat Assessment

Ensure accurate and appropriate responses to each unique incident. Agents investigate security alerts in real time using the Rhombus platform and execute emergency protocols based on the situation.

Live Threat Assessment
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Arm and Disarm Your Spaces with Rhombus Alarm Pad

Add an onsite touchpoint for authorized users to arm, disarm, manage alerts, or respond to incidents.

Create Safer Spaces with Less Labor

  • Accelerate Emergency Response

    Agents immediately investigate threats and escalate to local emergency services as needed, ensuring fast, informed response. 

      Accelerate Emergency Response 
    • Deter and Deescalate in Real Time

      With two-way communication, agents can issue audio deterrents and talk down bad actors to minimize threats before they escalate.

        Deter and Deescalate in Real Time
      • Reduce False Alarms via Video Verification

        Eliminate the stress, hassle, and confusion of false alarms. Agents investigate and dismiss false alarms without involving the authorities.

          Reduce False Alarms via Video Verification
        • Support Teams of All Sizes

          Supplement your onsite team, cover blind spots for security guards and patrols, and secure sites without needing dedicated staff.

            Support Teams of All Sizes

          Alarm Monitoring Overview


          24/7 Professional


          Real-Time Video


          Emergency Dispatch


          Works Across
          Rhombus Platform


          Simple Setup
          and Installation

          Alarm Monitoring FAQs


          Is there an average response time for an alert to be dispatched?

          If emergency dispatch is required, the authorities are typically dispatched within a few minutes of the incident occurring.When an alarm is triggered, the system automatically sends an alert with security livestream(s), sensor data, and GPS data to agents located at one of several TMA Five Diamond Certified in the U.S. This alerting process happens in real time.Once an agent receives the alert, the time to emergency dispatch depends on how rapidly the agent verifies that the incident is a true emergency and not a false alarm. The average response time is several minutes from the incident occurring.


          How is the deployment and management process?

          To activate Alarm Monitoring at a location, simply apply the license to the cameras that you want covered, set up at least one emergency contact for your location, and configure your alert policies to determine what types of activity will trigger alerts, and at what times.


          How do you arm and disarm your spaces?

          You can set your Alarm Monitoring schedule in the Rhombus Console, so that monitoring is automatically active during your chosen days and times. You can also manually start, pause, and resume the service from the Console or from a dedicated tablet.


          Where will Alarm Monitoring be available?

          Alarm Monitoring is available in all U.S. states, with coverage expanding in the future.


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