Alarm Monitoring

Real-time threat detection and 24/7 professional monitoring

Alarm Monitoring Overview


24/7 Professional


Real-Time Video


Emergency Dispatch


Works Across
Rhombus Platform


Simple Setup
and Installation

Customer service agent

24/7 Peace of Mind

Rhombus devices provide complete coverage and are monitored by real humans at Five Diamond Certified monitoring centers.


Meet Your Remote
Security Guard

  • Rhombus iPads

    Enable Monitoring

    Automatically enable monitoring through a custom policy or use the Alarm Pad to start and stop services via custom PIN.

  • Rhombus console showing a break-in was detected

    Threat Detection

    Rhombus cameras and sensors continuously monitor for unusual activity so you'll never miss a potential emergency or threat.

  • Rhombus console showing active threat case

    Alert Verification

    Professional monitoring agents review the footage in real-time to verify if there is an emergency before contacting you.

  • Phone with Alarm Monitoring alart message

    Direct Contact

    If an alert needs your attention, live agents will immediately call/text, or if an active threat is identified, local emergency services will be sent automatically.

  • Rhombus console and phone showing showing the emergency authorities have been notified

    Emergency Dispatch

    If a threat is confirmed, local emergency services will be sent, and an audio deterrent will trigger to help contain the threat while authorities are en route.

Works Seamlessly with Rhombus Devices

Cameras, sensors, and AI analytics work together to deliver powerful insights and automatic response during emergencies.

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Video with Sensor Data for Complete Coverage

Alarm monitoring that moves beyond reviewing video evidence. Rhombus sensors provide granular insights and alerts for more comprehensive coverage.

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Send a Clear Message to Unwanted Guests

Utilize the Rhombus A100 to trigger a police siren, loud alarm, or custom message to neutralize threats while emergency services are en route.

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Leave the Responses to the Professionals

When alerts are triggered, Five Diamond Certified agents verify the event and keep you in the loop every step of the way.

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Automatic Emergency Dispatch and Response

If an emergency or threat is identified, agents will automatically contact local emergency services and provide camera, sensor, and location data for swift response.

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Alarm Monitoring FAQs

  • Is there an average response time for an alert to be dispatched?

    If required, authorities are typically dispatched within a few minutes from when the event occurs.

  • How is the deployment and management process?

    It's simple, just apply licenses to your cameras, setup at least one contact for you location, and configure your alert policies.

  • How do you arm and disarm your spaces?

    Monitoring is active based on your alert policies, but you can start early or pause / resume alerts easily at anytime.

  • Where will Alarm Monitoring be available?

    Alarm Monitoring will only be available in the U.S. at this time.
    California - 8062

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