Access Control

Wave hello to modern access control with centralized management, seamless remote access, and unlimited scalability.

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A Modern Approach to Building Management

DC20 Access Control Unit
DR40 Video Intercom
DR20 Door Reader
Secure Card

Unify Building Management Like Never Before

Pair seamlessly with the Rhombus Platform for all-in-one security at scale. Manage all aspects of your spaces from a single pane of glass to streamline operations, eliminate complexity, and improve safety.

Streamline Building and Guest Management

  • Native Video and Two-Way Audio

    Get maximum visibility on arrivals and departures by pairing access events with live footage. Get notified when visitors arrive, see who’s at the door, and talk to guests all from one device.

      Rhombus DR40 intercom  next to a door with a text bubble saying someone will meet you shortly
    • Touchless or Keycard Entry

      Gain instant access to buildings with a wave of your hand, tap of your finger, or the touch of a keycard. Rhombus’ Door Reader’s fast and reliable performance ensures smooth access for guests and employees.

        Rhombus DR20 door reader next to a door entrance to a building
      • Operational During Power Outages

        Never worry when the power goes out. Rhombus Access Control provides uninterrupted service during outages, ensuring building security is maintained in all conditions.

          Rhombus dc20 mounted on a wall
        • All-In-One Management

          Oversee unlimited doors and users, set access schedules, manage lockdown plans, and orchestrate sophisticated workflows between access control, cameras, sensors, and alarms—all from one user-friendly dashboard.

            Diagram of Rhombus' features

          Unlock Doors with the Rhombus Key App

          • Smartphone App
          • Easy Access
          • Swipe & Favorite
          • Centralized Management

          Smartphone App

          Mobile Credentials for Easy Access

          Securely unlock doors straight from your smartphone. Building access is fast and simple—no more keeping track of physical keys, keycards, or badges.

          Mobile Credentials for Easy Access

          Leverage Access Control in Your Physical Security Ecosystem

          Designed to connect with everything Rhombus for scalable security that’s more than the sum of its parts

          Security Cameras
          Computer Vision & AI Alerts  
          After-Hours Security 
          Poduim with two Rhombus cameras and a computer and phone showing the console

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