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Connected Sensors

Obtain real-time, actionable insights across your environment with powerful sensors paired with high-resolution video.

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Protect What Matters Most

Elevate Your Physical Security with Connected Sensors

  • Rhombus button being pressed when armed man enters building

    Sound the Alarm

    Accelerate emergency response with the single push of a button. Instantaneously alert dispatchers of an emergency and trigger a loud siren to draw attention and deter unwanted guests.

  • Rhombus sensor in refrigerator

    Monitor Environments

    Protect employees, equipment, and assets from hazardous environmental changes. Receive instant notifications for temperature fluctuations or when smoke, vape, or toxic air quality is detected.

  • Rhombus door sensors on door

    Expand Visibility

    Increase safety and security in spaces where cameras are not needed or allowed. Track motion and entry events for unusual activity to protect against unauthorized access, theft, and vandalism.

Capture More than Just Video Evidence

Maintain air quality and food safety in the kitchen with environmental sensors. Keep air quality in check and monitor refrigerator and freezer temperatures, to ensure proper food preservation.

Gain real-time awareness of individuals on the premises. Monitor entry points, receive notifications for doors left open, and effectively manage exits during emergencies.

Keep students and staff safe by always having a clear picture of what’s happening on campus. Quickly detect unusual events, bullying, vaping, and more.

Equip employees with an easy-to-use solution to monitor facilities at scale. See what’s happening in real-time and communicate with customers on site from anywhere.

Sensor Features

Sensor Network

Customize your physical security and acquire new insights beyond just capturing video.

Secure & Reliable

All communication is end-to-end encrypted for uncompromising reliability and cybersecurity.

Powerful Data

Receive real-time alerts and visualize sensor data with video evidence to streamline operations.

Automatic Updates

Always up to date and secure — receive new features and product enhancements at no cost.

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