A100 sensor
Communicate across your organization with two-way audio and intelligent analytics.

A Truly Intelligent Audio Experience

Discover a radically new way to secure your spaces – synchronized audio with video, two-audio with broadcasting, gunshot and glass break detection, and more.

A100 Sensor Specifications

118mm (4.64in) x 118mm (4.64in) x 50.8mm (2in)
WebM (OPUS), MP4 (AAC)
10/100 Mbps, MDI/MDX Auto Sensing
Standard 802.3af for one-cable installation
Power Consumption
Max 13 watts
Onboard Storage
Included 64GB
Internal Microphone
Omni-Directional (94dB SPL @ 1KHz / 100Hz – 10,000Hz)
Internal Speaker
82.5dB +/- 3dB
External Audio
3.5mm microphone input jack; 3.5mm speaker output jack
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Baseline, steady state
2 - 10 Kbps
Live Streaming
52 Kbps
CE, FCC, NDAA, TAA Compliant
Poduim with two Rhombus cameras and a computer and phone showing the console
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