About Rhombus 

Our Mission 

At Rhombus, relationships are at the heart of what we do. No matter how big or small your company is, our mission is to build a true partnership and provide simple smart, and powerful solutions that fit your unique security needs.

Our Mission 

Our Values

  • Customer-Centric
  • Bold Ingenuity
  • Trustworthy Partner
  • Simplified Security


Customers Come First

Relationships are at the heart of what we do, and we always put our customers and partners first. Whether it’s listening to user feedback, creating products that are enjoyable to use, or taking the time to build strong and friendly relationships, our goal is to create positive experiences.

Customers Come First

Meet The Founders

Industry Veterans in Cloud Physical Security 

Founded in 2016, Rhombus was one of the first companies in the world to develop cloud-based physical security at the enterprise level. Since pioneering cloud security cameras, we've continued to create new, innovative ways to serve our customers. From new product lines and services to new features rolled out at no cost, we're proud to share our expertise and pave the way for modernized physical security

Prioritizing Sustainable Growth

Instead of a 'grow-at-all-costs mentality, Rhombus has embraced a model of sustainable growth. While still expanding rapidly, we grow with care and have built a team of experts who share our partnership focus and are dedicated to the long-term success of our customers, end-users, and technology partners.

Our Investors

Rhombus is backed by incredible investors who believe in transforming the world of physical security with enterprise-grade technology that's accessible to any organization.

Cota Capital
lemnos Labs
DFO Management
Promus Ventures
Tru Arrow

Rhombus Gives Back

Rhombus is on a mission to build a safer future. As part of that goal, we’ve woven a spirit of community service into our culture. We are proud to partner with local Sacramento charities and foundations to give back to this wonderful community where it all started.

Pickig up Trash on the Sacramento River
River Cleanup Team Photo
American River Trail Trash Cleanup
Midtown Trash Cleanup
Rhombus Christmas Mall, Sacramento

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