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Cloud-Based Security Tailored to Your Organization

At Rhombus, we provide transparent pricing so you can build the perfect security solution for your business, ensuring peace of mind and optimal protection.

Cloud-Based Security Tailored to Your Organization
  • cameras
  • sensors
  • access control
  • alarms

Listed price is per sensor. Additional shipping and international fees may apply. Sensors compatible with Rhombus BLE-enabled devices only.

License Required






License Type Tooltip
AI-features and cloud archiving not included in the Professional License. For a detailed comparison, visit our License Comparison page.

Total Cost


Includes hardware and license



No License Required


Pricing FAQs


How do I get started with Rhombus?

To get started, you must purchase a camera (one-time fee) and a license. It's as simple as that.


Can I purchase just the cameras without a license?

All of our cameras require an ongoing license to operate.


How am I billed?

Rhombus products are available from Authorized Rhombus Resellers who can offer a variety of flexible payment options. Please contact your Authorized Rhombus Reseller or the Rhombus sales team to learn how you can get started today.


What does the license cover?

Rhombus license covers the ongoing costs associated with providing a service that does not require DVRs, NVRs, or any of the associated equipment. As part of the license, the service is constantly being improved meaning that in a few months you'll receive more for your money than when you purchased the service. We're constantly adding new features as well as providing frequent firmware updates to patch known security vulnerabilities. You can read a more in depth description of what our subscription covers


Do Rhombus cameras consume a lot of bandwidth?

Not at all. Our cameras store all of the video locally on the cameras meaning they take virtually no bandwidth at all. This


Do Rhombus cameras have a warranty?

Yes - all of our cameras come standard with a 10-year warranty.

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