Improve Store Operations Through Key Insights

Uncover emerging trends and improve decision-making through data-driven insights. Harness the full potential of AI analytics to effectively gauge occupancy, optimize space utilization, track dwell time, and more.

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Improve Store Operations Through Key Insights

Trusted by Innovative Retail Leaders

LA Fitness
The UPS Store
The Paper Store
Talkmore Wireless
Proactively Protect Staff, Customers, and Merchandise
Trigger Quick Emergency Response in Critical Situations
Integrate Point-of-Sale and Space Utilization Data with Footage
Quickly Investigate Theft, Shrinkage, and Disputes with Smart Search
Safeguard Stores for Staff and Customers with Unified Access Control
Rhombus in Retail Stores

Rhombus in Retail Stores

Safeguard staff and customers, detect theft and fraud, and protect stores after hours. Cover blind spots with chain-wise visibility.

Rhombus in Grocery & Food Markets

Rhombus in Grocery & Food Markets

Reduce shrinkage across multiple stores, monitor inventory, and protect perishables with unified cameras and sensors.

Rhombus in Health & Personal Care

Rhombus in Health & Personal Care

Protect equipment, resolve disputes with video evidence, and create a 24/7 safe space in gyms, spas, salons, and more.

Rhombus in Automotive

Rhombus in Automotive

Secure inventory, gain insight into customer behavior, and use license plate recognition to boost visibility across lots and dealerships.

Platform Features

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Simplify Security Management

Leverage infinite scalability with no manual maintenance. Streamline hardware infrastructure and manage your security from a single pane of glass.

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Unlock New Operational Insights

Identify trends and make data-driven decisions. Utilize powerful AI analytics to measure occupancy, space utilization, dwell time, transactions, and more.


Reduce Theft and Costs

Identify suspicious behavior and receive alerts during after-hour events. Respond proactively with live video monitoring and local emergency dispatch.


Create Safer Spaces

Eliminate blind spots and protect sensitive areas. Monitor, detect, and respond to security incidents across all store locations.

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Rhombus is Trusted by Education Leaders

Rhombus is Trusted by Education Leaders

No other cloud system comes close. Rhombus checked off more of the boxes - they had better pricing, easy-to-use software, and a team that’s transparent, honest, and service oriented.”

Cindee Burns

Cindee Burns

Director of Facilities and Safety at Colony Hardware

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