Monitor Worker Safety, Quality Control, and Productivity at Scale

Get facility-wide visibility on one easy-to-use platform. Streamline security operations, enhance quality control, and improve worker safety with proactive insight into unusual activity, environmental conditions, and more.

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Monitor Worker Safety, Quality Control, and Productivity at Scale

Trusted by Manufacturing Leaders

Design Ready Controls
Oversee the Production Floor from Anywhere
Protect Facilities from Security Threats and Environmental Hazards
Accelerate Incident Review with Fast, Efficient Investigations
Quickly Communicate with the Plant Floor
Stay in Control of Access Points
Rhombus in Automotive

Rhombus in Automotive

Get real-time visibility of the production floor and proactively detect potential worker safety issues with 24/7/365 visibility.

Rhombus in Food & Beverage

Rhombus in Food & Beverage

Streamline operations, reduce shrinkage, and monitor food safety at scale with environmental sensors paired with video.

Rhombus in Medical & Pharmaceutical

Rhombus in Medical & Pharmaceutical

Secure restricted areas, monitor compliance, and improve quality control with unified video security and environmental sensors.

Rhombus in Metal, Wood, & Plastics

Rhombus in Metal, Wood, & Plastics

Improve worker safety with proactive alerts for unusual activity, unsafe air quality, temperature fluctuations, and more.

Platform Features

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Streamline Operations

Reduce operational inefficiency and deploy unlimited devices across locations without DVR/NVRs, unreliable hardware, or manual maintenance.


Improve Visibility and Costs

Eliminate blind spots and unlock new business insights with enterprise-grade security cameras and sensors backed by an industry-leading warranty.


Reduce Workplace Accidents

Protect employees from injury and harm with proactive real-time video alerts for suspicious activity, unusual behavior, and more.


Accelerate Incident Review

Protect liability and accelerate investigations with AI-powered tools and seamless video sharing capabilities via URL, email, or SMS.

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Rhombus is Trusted by Manufacturing Leaders

Rhombus is Trusted by Manufacturing Leaders
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“We wanted a solution that would set us to be successful in the future, and we’re glad we chose Rhombus.”

William Redig

William Redig

Head of IT at Fitas Flax

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