Create Safer Schools with Reliable Campus-Wide Visibility

Safeguard students with a cloud-based platform that makes it easy to manage security across your entire campus or district. Proactively prepare for emergencies and respond swiftly when threats arise.

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Create Safer Schools with Reliable Campus-Wide Visibility

Trusted by Education Leaders

Clark Atlanta Univeristy
Mississippi Department of Education
Pacific University Oregon
Conestoga Valley
Los Angeles Film School
Keep Students and Faculty Safe with a User-Friendly Platform
Accelerate Emergency Response and Coordinate with First Responders
Monitor Air Quality and Detect Student Vaping
Control Campus Perimeters and Building Access
Meet State Compliance
Rhombus in Primary Schools

Rhombus in Primary Schools

Provide peace of mind to parents and create a safe learning environment in preschools, daycares, and elementary schools.

Rhombus in Middle & High Schools

Rhombus in Middle & High Schools

Protect students, resolve conflicts, and cover blind spots. Secure classrooms, cafeterias, gyms, parking lots, and more.

Rhombus in Colleges & Universities

Rhombus in Colleges & Universities

Unify security across all campus buildings. Create 24/7 safe spaces in dorms, libraries, lecture halls, stadiums, and more.

Rhombus in Special Education

Rhombus in Special Education

Create a nurturing environment that protects students and staff. Provide video monitoring to maintain compliance and accountability.

Platform Features


Protect Students and Staff

Increase campus-wide visibility with high-resolution video and AI analytics to quickly identify, deter, and resolve unwanted events.

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Swiftly Respond to Incidents

Receive proactive real-time alerts for unusual behavior and share live footage with emergency services from the Rhombus Mobile App.


Stay Ahead of Threats

Utilize industry-leading AI analytics across all devices to receive proactive alerts for unauthorized people, smoking or vaping, and flagged vehicles.

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Simplify Management

No DVR/NVRs or complex configurations required. Cameras come online in minutes, include native remote access, and update automatically.

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Rhombus is Trusted by Education Leaders

Rhombus is Trusted by Education Leaders
Clark Atlanta Univeristy

“I have been in the technology industry for many years, and I like the way Rhombus does business. They genuinely care about creating a product and service that fits their users’ needs.”

Dr. Bo Tang

Director of Enterprise Architecture at CAU

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