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Standardizing Security Across an Entire School District






Any school district looking to upgrade their video surveillance should choose Rhombus. The UI, performance, and price point make perfect sense – it’s a no brainer.Brett BrackDirector of IT at Nemaha School District, Nemaha School District

Nemaha Central Schools is a school district covering 225 square miles in Seneca, Kansas. Nemaha currently uses video security to protect school buildings and to conduct investigations when incidences occur. Brett Brack, Director of IT, wanted to upgrade is NVR system to a cloud-based solution that provided remote access, easy-to-use software, and simple system management.

The Challenges

“Working with our previous system was either difficult, took a lot of time, or inconvenient. I wanted a system that would make my life easier – not more complicated.”

Difficult to Manage Security Remotely

Nemaha previously used an NVR system with dedicated servers at each location. The system delivered a poor remote experience due to outdated software that was challenging to use.

“Trying to access my cameras remotely or view past footage was tough to do,” Brett said. “The software and interface were so complicated that only highly technical staff could operate the system. If we wanted to find specific footage, or access all of our video feeds, it just wasn’t possible to do so effectively. The system felt very complicated and disconnected.”

Labor-Intensive System Management and Maintenance

As the system aged, Brett realized that managing and maintaining the school video security system required more time, labor, and resources to ensure proper functionality.

“As a school district, you’re always tasked with doing more with less,” Brett said. “Our previous system required a lot of maintenance and management, and in most cases, we spent unnecessary time trying to find footage or conduct investigations. It felt like troubleshooting the system became more and more common, so I needed to find a better alternative.”

Frustrating Licensing and Increasing Costs

Nemaha was forced to upgrade licensing tiers when they wanted to add more cameras, which resulted in increased costs.

“When we wanted to add more cameras, we were forced to purchase the next licensing tier up,” Brett said. “It was frustrating that something as simple as adding cameras required us to spend more money on a licensing tier that didn’t deliver more value to me or my employees. It felt like we were just spending money on something that we didn’t need.”

The Solution

Nemaha Central Schools wanted a modern, cloud-based solution that reduced complexity and improved security operations throughout the entire district. After careful evaluation of other cloud video security systems, Nemaha chose Rhombus because it offered:

  • Straightforward and easy-to-use UI that anyone in the organization could use
  • More affordable than other enterprise systems yet offered better performance
  • Ability to conduct in-depth investigations and find footage quickly
  • Eliminate extensive system management and maintenance
  • Human/people analytics for increased awareness and security

The Benefits

Seamless Remote Access for Security Personnel

Obtaining reliable remote access was not easy with Nemaha’s prior system. With Rhombus, Nemaha can now access all cameras across all locations from one centralized web console or mobile app.

“Having remote access aligns with how organizations operate in today’s world. The Rhombus mobile app makes it easy for me and my staff to log-in and check if everything is okay across multiple buildings. The app experience is so much better than the other systems we were looking at. We can review live video feeds multiple times a day wherever we are without being glued to a desk. It’s been a total gamechanger.”

Modern User-Experience Made Possible with Simple UI

“Purchasing a system with great UI was our top priority, and Rhombus’ UI was by far the best we’ve seen,” Brett said. “The system automatically marks when activity has occurred, so we never have to sit in front of a workstation and manually rewind or fast forward through footage. In minutes, we can find what we’re looking for, share video, and respond accordingly. The UI allows us to do our job swiftly and effectively.”

Best-in-Class Cloud Performance

Nemaha received a powerful video security solution that delivered the best in terms of reliability and cloud performance.

“When you spend some time and use the system, you quickly realize how robust and advanced the system is compared to other cloud options,” Brett said. “All of our cameras and locations can be accessed from one console, bandwidth consumption is minimal, there’s practically zero video lag, and all of the features you get make Rhombus a no brainer – both from a technical and financial standpoint.”

Easy to Manage, Easier to Maintain

Since Rhombus eliminates all of the excess hardware, Nemaha was able to significantly reduce time spent managing and maintaining video security infrastructure.

“I love the fact that Rhombus doesn’t require a lot of hardware, so setting it up and managing everything is stress-free. Using the system and working with the team at Rhombus has been very enjoyable. Customer support is responsive and resolves issues almost immediately. Firmware updates happen automatically. The engineering team is always working and making the system better and better. There’s little that I have to worry about.”

Poduim with two Rhombus cameras and a computer and phone showing the console

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