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Using Rhombus is so much better than anything else out there. The system is dependable, the software is great, and it’s just easy to use and manage. I can’t recommend it enough.Marc LevyOwner and Founder, Birch Tree Academy

Birch Tree Academy is an early childhood school with three locations throughout Washington. They offer multiple programs starting from pre-school to kindergarten. Marc Levy, Owner of Birch Tree Academy, was looking for a cloud video security system that improved operations, was easy-to-use, and offered parental access to view live video feeds.

The Challenges

Birch Tree Academy used NVR systems but wanted a modern solution that would help unify their video security infrastructure and deliver great functionality to better serve its students and parents.

“Being away from your child can be difficult,” Marc shared, “we wanted to give parents the ability to view live video feeds to check on their children whenever they wanted. Our previous system was siloed, so remote access was complicated, and sharing live video feeds was challenging for both us and our parent customers.”

Their previous system was also very clunky and difficult to use for on-site staff.

“If an event happened at one of our schools, finding footage was challenging.” Marc said. “We would have to manually rewind and fast forward through footage to find specific scenes and managing the system wasn’t scalable. The software felt extremely outdated and reliability was questionable. At random times throughout the year, the cameras would go down for no reason. On multiple occasions, parents complained that the video wasn’t working and would contact me personally. I would then have to go in and manually reboot the system or call for further support.”

The Solution

We provided Birch Tree Academy with a cloud-based system with modern software capabilities that allowed for remote access, shareable live streams, was easy-to-use, and that just worked. After receiving the cameras, the on-site Director was able to set up the system by herself within 30 minutes and our Account Representative was always available to assist if needed. Birch Tree Academy received a reliable solution that made it easy to manage multiple locations and users all from one central console.

The Benefits

Easy Installation and Management

“A non-technical person can set Rhombus up with ease. You just plug it in, set it, and forget it. We got up and running in around 30 minutes.” Marc shared. “There’s no maintenance required, our bandwidth isn’t depleted, and managing multiple cameras and locations from anywhere has been amazing!”

Powerful Software

“The software is far better than anything else we’ve seen. Remote access and video indexing made it easy to review certain events.” Marc said. “We have a general security system that produces a lot of false alarms. There was this once instance where our alarm was triggered, and the cops were about to be called. I found it odd that I didn’t receive a Rhombus Human Alert on my phone - so I accessed the system, reviewed the footage, and informed the alarm operator that nothing was wrong in a matter of seconds.”

Shareable Clips and Live Streams

Marc had this to say about his experience sharing footage with Rhombus, “Sharing video takes only a few clicks. We can easily share a live stream with parents without giving access to our entire system. All they have to do is click the link to watch the video feed. Sharing video clips also benefitted us in other ways. Just the other day, we had a student tell his parents about what would have been a very serious physical incident at school. We went into the system, reviewed footage, and confirmed that nothing had happened and even sent the video to the parent.”

Reliable Enterprise Performance

“You can buy a cheap system, but they’ll lack in functionality. Rhombus is more affordable than other enterprise systems yet offers way more features - far beyond anything else we’ve found.” Marc stated. “I love how you’re constantly improving and adding new features every month. The system has been dependable, improved overall operations, and has been great to use. It works remarkably well. I can’t recommend it enough.”

Keys To Success

We worked closely alongside Birch Tree Academy to ensure success. We provided educational resources, detailed information about the system, and helped with proper camera registration and set-up. From initial conversations to deployment and on-going supportpost-deployment, our team worked closely with Birch Tree Academy every step of the way.

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