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Streamline Emergency Response: Introducing Lockdown for Rhombus Access Control

June 03, 2024


The unfortunate truth of our generation is that we’re living in an increasingly unsafe world. According to the New York Times, a shocking 57% of active shooter incidents end before law enforcement arrives on the scene. Every second matters when it comes to increasing the chances of neutralizing extreme security events. It is critical to quickly and effectively lock down buildings under threat to gain that crucial extra time for protecting people and spaces.

Introducing Lockdown for Rhombus Access Control

As an organization pioneering cloud-managed physical security, Rhombus is excited to announce Lockdown – a new feature available to Rhombus Access Control users. Say goodbye to slow, outdated systems and manual lockdown procedures that compromise safe spaces. With Lockdown, you can streamline and accelerate your team’s emergency response to extreme security events.

Activate Lockdown in just a few seconds

In the event of an emergency, the ability to respond quickly is crucial, so it's essential for teams to have the flexibility to execute a response from anywhere at any time. According to a study by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), it takes an average of ~3 minutes for law enforcement to arrive at the scene of an active shooter incident. In those critical first few minutes, having the ability to lock down a facility can save lives.

The new Lockdown feature allows authorized users to initiate a lockdown protocol with just a few clicks – whether that’s based on threats detected using Rhombus cameras or other channels. During an emergency protocol, this quickly secures designated areas, or the entire facility.

Showing steps to initiate a lockdown through console of Rhombus Access Control

Customize and Automate Lockdown Plans

Every organization and its space are unique. During an emergency, the ability to initiate an automated response based on custom needs is as important as the ability to respond quickly.

With the new Lockdown feature, you can create a personalized lockdown plan for each location based on predefined rules for doors and users. A customized response plan, with your people and spaces in mind, will allow better control and preparedness for emergency situations.

Console showing steps to create a lockdown plan

Seamlessly Integrate with Existing Systems

For an effective emergency plan, lockdown protocols need to work seamlessly with other safety solutions that your organization uses. As part of this launch, API endpoints for Lockdown are also available so you can integrate lockdown commands from Rhombus devices with existing systems for a comprehensive and streamlined emergency response plan. The value of Lockdown API also extends to Rhombus integration partners. InformaCast and Omnilert, for example, can now leverage Lockdown API and the power of the Rhombus open data platform for end-to-end safety.

InformaCast, by Singlewire Software, is purpose-built to drive strong communication during an emergency. Its mass notification system enables consistent messaging across multiple channels, including audio, text, and visual alerts. Incorporating lockdown procedures from Rhombus Access Control as part of its mass notification protocol will allow for a streamlined emergency response.

Cell phone notification showing that emergency lockdown is active.

The lockdown integration with Omnilert, a pioneer in AI-powered gun detection, will enable users to turn critical insights into rapid action – detect gun threats using Omnilert, which will create an automated workflow for Rhombus Access Control to activate pre-determined lockdown procedures.

Lockdown activated post shooter with a gun spotted in the parking lot

A Cloud-Managed Platform for Safety, Security, and Efficiency

Product suite offered by Rhombus

Lockdown for Access Control is part of the Rhombus Cloud-Managed Physical Security Platform that not only simplifies security operations, but also evolves with your needs.

With a desktop and mobile console, the Rhombus platform seamlessly integrates core aspects of physical security—such as cloud cameras, access control, alarm monitoring, and environmental and security sensors—in a single pane of glass that can be accessed securely anytime and anywhere.

And with a core philosophy of democratizing data, Rhombus offers a truly open platform with API endpoints available for all data collected and a marketplace for turnkey integrations. This philosophy allows you to build a future-proof operation with Rhombus. Leverage the open data platform to integrate physical security with other systems and evolve security operations alongside future investments.

Secure Spaces with Lockdown

Elevate security operations, protect spaces, streamline emergency response with Lockdown for Rhombus Access Control.

Book your demo today and step into a new standard for physical security.

Poduim with two Rhombus cameras and a computer and phone showing the console

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