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Omnilert Gun Detect

Omnilert Gun Detectby Omnilert

AI-powered Visual Gun Detection - Expand Your Rhombus Investment with Omnilert Gun Detect to Monitor for Gun Threats

About Omnilert Gun Detect

AI-powered Visual Gun Detection - Expand Your Rhombus Investment with Omnilert Gun Detect to Monitor for Gun Threats

Omnilert Gun Detect is an advanced system that employs AI-powered visual gun detection software combined with emergency notification capabilities. When integrated with Rhombus, it delivers a comprehensive approach that spans the entire spectrum of gun threat detection, alerting, and crisis control.

Omnilert Gun Detect's integration with Rhombus and other IP-based cameras augments current surveillance infrastructures, converting them from forensic tools into proactive tools for gun threat detection and protection.

Designed to identify a vast array of handguns and long guns, Omnilert Gun Detect can activate a host of security systems as well as provide immediate intelligence to response teams, giving them a critical head start.

With Rhombus, Omnilert ensures a coordinated incident response workflow, facilitating multi-channel alerts, interoperability with existing safety systems, and automated processes to collect intelligence throughout an incident.

Integration Benefits

  • Integrated Weapon Detection and Notification: 24x7 monitoring of existing camera systems for active shooter and other gun threats. Get visual detection of single or multiple firearms that provides video alerts from a single pane of glass.

  • Instant awareness: Comprehensive notifications to Rhombus and/or from Omnilert via mobile, desktop, and other browser notifications with photo, video, and location metadata.

  • Access Control Integration for Automated Lockdowns: Integrated access control capabilities that allow for customizable actions on specific events like weapon detection. Send alerts to other third-party systems like Singlewire Informacast and enable those systems to execute predefined actions.

  • Instant response: Integrations trigger actions within another, ensuring seamless inter-system operations and enhanced response capabilities.

  • Unified user interface: All functionalities, including weapon detection alerts, notifications, and access control management are accessible and manageable within a single pane of glass to minimize operational complexity and enhance usability.


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