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Back-to-School With Rhombus: Assessing Your Physical Security

Back-to-School With Rhombus: Assessing Your Physical Security

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About the Webinar

To keep up with evolving safety standards, it’s critical that schools routinely evaluate their physical security at the campus and district-wide level. In this webinar, we walk through how to assess campus safety, and modern solutions that make it easier for schools create a safe environment for students and faculty in both the short and long term.

What You'll Learn in 45 Minutes

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    Step-by-step walkthrough of how to assess your campus’ physical security

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    How to proactively identify vulnerabilities and keep up with evolving security needs

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    Why cloud-native solutions help campuses and school districts manage safety effectively

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    Benefits of unifying your cameras, sensors, and access control on one platform

Featured Speakers

Doug Sutter
Doug Sutter

Director of Sales - SLED


The Benefits of Rhombus

  • User-Friendly
  • Proactive Responses
  • Prevent Vaping
  • Monitor Access Points


Keep Students and Faculty Safe With a User-Friendly Platform

Fortify school security with cloud-based cameras and real-time AI alerts for proactive threat detection anytime, anywhere. Cover blind spots, support School Resource Officers, and streamline investigations with easy-to-use tools.

Keep Students and Faculty Safe with a User-Friendly Platform

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