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Enhancing Loss Prevention & Unifying Security Operations at a Nationwide Retailer







Whenever you’re deploying new technology, the people you’re working with can make or break the experience. Rhombus and LVC have made this experience incredibly easy and seamless.Tim RattanavilaySenior IT Director, Stance

Founded in 2009, Stance is an American retailer that began by reimagining a closet staple—socks. Today, Stance specializes in 
“toe to head” athleisure apparel that embraces comfort and creativity. They operate 21+ stores and ship to over 40 countries.

Stance has worked with Rhombus and integrator LVC to deploy nearly 70 cameras across 17 stores. Stance is scaling Rhombus 
to all their existing locations and plans to add the system to each 
new store as they continue to grow.

Transforming Loss Prevention Efforts

Loss prevention is a regular part of Stance’s operations. They use security footage to investigate incidents of suspected theft—but their previous system lacked visual clarity. “When we tried to key in on images, the footage was choppy and difficult to discern,” says Tim Rattanavilay, Senior IT Director at Stance. Poor video clarity slowed down investigations and made it difficult to take action when theft occurred.  

By using Rhombus to aid their loss prevention processes, Stance has reduced the time their team spends on investigations and captures crystal-clear video evidence of suspected thefts.

Rhombus has improved Stance’s loss prevention efforts in three key ways: high image clarity, panoramic cameras that eliminate blind spots, and AI analytics that accelerate investigations.

Key Improvement: High-Quality Camera Footage

Rhombus smart cameras are a significant upgrade for Stance in terms of picture quality. The cameras capture clear 4K footage with a high level of detail and video that’s smooth and seamless—no jumps or missing frames. Their loss prevention team can easily identify and zoom in on individuals engaging in acts 
of theft.

Store managers remotely use the portal to review any reported theft quickly and easily—and because Rhombus has native remote access, they can investigate the footage from anywhere. Overall, Stance is able to reduce the time spent on loss prevention and capture clear, detailed video evidence.

Key Improvement: Panoramic Fisheye Views

Stance uses Rhombus fisheye cameras to eliminate blind spots in their stores. They use the cameras’ panoramic capabilities to move the field of view in any direction and easily investigate activity anywhere in a location.

“I love the 360° camera—it's my favorite Rhombus product. We get panoramic views in any angle or direction we need,” says Rattanavilay. “These cameras are amazing—we use them for all-around coverage in all our stores.”

Key Improvement: AI & Facial Recognition

Stance uses Rhombus’ suite of AI analytics to enhance their investigations. The system automatically indexes activity such as human movement, which allows Stance to quickly jump to relevant video without manually scrubbing through footage. They use facial recognition to take investigations to the next level and save even more time when looking into shoplifting, fraud, and theft.  

Saving Time on Security Management

Even though the world is highly connected, many modern organizations still experience fragmented physical security—and Stance was struggling with this problem. Before Rhombus, Stance managed onsite security by logging into multiple portals to view different stores. With over 20 locations across multiple states, this process was frustrating and slow; they were tired of wasting time on disjointed systems.  

The Rhombus Platform serves as a central nervous system for physical security management. By leveraging Rhombus’ built-in remote access and unlimited locations and cameras, Stance reduces operational friction and saves time on a daily basis.

Ease of use has been a huge benefit for Stance’s IT team. According to Rattanavilay, his team adapted to the platform incredibly easily and was able to intuitively use the system 
even before completing any training.

Key Improvement: Unified Platform

“The most amazing part of Rhombus is the unified nature of the platform,” says Rattanavilay. 

“We have one interface that we can dive into and click on individual locations. No more jumping into different portals—grouping security operations by location makes our lives much easier. It’s all there in one place for easy management.”

Installations Made Easy

As a rapidly growing retailer with physical stores across multiple U.S. states, Stance needed a way to quickly scale their security systems across wide geographic areas. Tim Rattanavilay, Senior IT Director at Stance, balked at the thought of installing separate NVRs at each of their locations. They wanted a solution that wouldn’t eat up their team’s time with lengthy installations, project management, and travel.

To deploy Stance’s security system quickly and at scale, Rhombus partnered with integrator LVC. This partnership delivered a white-glove experience to Stance, and Rhombus’ plug-and-play design made the installation process itself easy and fast. The cameras only need a network connection and a power source to work; with no NVRs required, Stance is able to save dozens of hours on installations and make deployment seamless and cost effective.

Key Improvement: Plug-and-Play Design

"The installation process was seamless. Plug-and-play is a game changer; we were able to get up and running in no time”, says Rattanavilay. 

With no need for NVRs or other excess hardware, Stance 
is able to get new stores ready in a matter of hours. 

Key Improvement: Partnering with LVC

Rhombus partners with LVC, an integration company with a national footprint in low-voltage data networking and security infrastructure, to provide Stance with onsite service and project management for all their deployments.

“LVC has been a great partnership, and so easy to work with,” says Rattanavilay. “It only takes a phone call to get a new system set up—I don't even have to travel out to the location. They do everything from the scheduling to the installation, and it makes my time much easier.” 

Why Rhombus?

The Platform

“Rhombus is an incredible addition to our store security infrastructure. The benefit to our loss prevention efforts has been massive—we’re able to investigate more quickly and capture footage that’s detailed, clear, and seamless. It’s easy to use and saves my team time on a daily basis.”

The People

“Whenever you’re deploying new technology, the people you’re working with can make or break the experience. Rhombus and LVC have made this experience incredibly easy and seamless. They’re proactive, responsive, and always a phone call away. We have full confidence and peace of mind in our partnership.”

—Tim Rattanavilay, Senior IT Director

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