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From Legacy to Leading Edge: In-Shape's Physical Security Evolution






Rhombus has revolutionized our security operations, providing unparalleled peace of mind. With professional alarm monitoring, we now have experts ready to review footage and respond to after-hours trespassing in real-time, ensuring the utmost safety for our facilities and a seamless, positive experience for our members. It's been a game changer for In-Shape Family Fitness, aligning perfectly with our commitment to excellence.Scott HollitzSr. VP Capital Projects & Revenue Development, In-Shape Family Fitness

In-Shape Family Fitness, formerly known as California Family Fitness, boasts over 60 full-service health clubs conveniently scattered throughout California. Offering amenities such as studio fitness classes, small group or personal training sessions, saunas, pools, pickleball courts, and more, In-Shape ensures there's something for everybody. Scott Hollitz, Vice President of Operations, spearheaded the transition to a cloud-based physical security system to align with the evolving needs of the clubs. They sought a solution that was not only scalable and easily manageable but also offered remote visibility, empowering employees to enhance day-to-day operations.

The Challenges

In-Shape Family Fitness faced numerous challenges with their outdated closed-circuit system, which significantly impacted their operational efficiency. The system's poor video quality and frequent hardware failures created difficulties in maintaining optimal surveillance coverage, resulting in occasional monitoring gaps that required attention.

Furthermore, the storage limitations of the outdated system constrained the amount of footage they could retain, potentially hindering thorough incident investigations. This limitation also impeded the scalability of their surveillance infrastructure to support their rapid expansion. Adding more cameras necessitated costly investments in additional licenses, servers, and hard drives.

Accessibility emerged as another significant concern for In-Shape Family Fitness. The absence of web browser or mobile application access prevented staff from monitoring the premises remotely, limiting their ability to respond promptly to security threats or operational issues.

Additionally, In-Shape Family Fitness recognized the importance of cameras that could seamlessly integrate with an alarm monitoring service for real-time assessment and rapid response during emergencies. This proactive security approach would enhance overall facility safety and provide peace of mind for staff and members.

The Solution

Recognizing the pressing need for an upgrade, In-Shape Family Fitness partnered with Rhombus to devise a comprehensive strategy. Rhombus facilitated a seamless transition from the outdated closed-circuit system by connecting the fitness club with a local trusted partner specialized in installations. Working in close collaboration, they meticulously crafted a sitemap and strategic deployment plan tailored to the unique needs of each club location.

Since then, Rhombus, alongside the dedicated partner, has been committed to excellence by providing unparalleled customer support throughout the entire process. From initial consultation to final installation, our team has ensured that In-Shape Family Fitness receives top-notch service and support. As a result, hundreds of state-of-the-art cloud cameras have been successfully installed across all 13 club locations, delivering superior surveillance capabilities and addressing the myriad of challenges previously faced.

The Results

By transitioning to a cloud-based solution, In-Shape has not only upgraded from a traditional legacy system but has also unlocked a variety of additional benefits. This strategic move has enabled In-Shape to drastically diminish the time its IT department dedicates to system maintenance and management. Moreover, it has enhanced the experience for club management, allowing them to oversee their sites from anywhere thanks to the Rhombus web base and app. Additionally, with robust alarm monitoring capabilities integrated into the cloud-managed solution, In-Shape ensures heightened security and peace of mind for their staff and members.

Minimizing Security Threats with Alarm Monitoring

Rhombus Alarm Monitoring has significantly helped In-Shape Family Fitness by seamlessly preventing after-hours trespassing and facilitating rapid responses to unauthorized access or potential threats. Certified agents verify alerts via video surveillance, minimizing false alarms and ensuring accurate threat assessment, thus enabling swift 911 dispatch when necessary, bolstering safety across all In-Shape locations. Moreover, Rhombus instantly notifies staff without requiring their physical presence on-site, optimizing security protocols.

Accelerating Response with Remote and Mobile Visibility
In-Shape now benefits from seamless access to video feeds across browsers and mobile devices, facilitated by Rhombus' platform. This flexibility empowers management to respond swiftly to security incidents, even remotely, while retaining granular control over system access through customizable roles and permissions.

Streamlining Operations with Cloud StorageThe migration to Rhombus alleviates storage constraints, enabling the instantaneous preservation of video clips in the cloud without incurring escalating costs. This integration optimizes operational efficiency and reduces the burden on IT resources, ensuring seamless functionality.

Simplifying Security Systems with Reduced Hardware Footprint

Rhombus's streamlined hardware infrastructure liberates In-Shape from the complexities of server maintenance, minimizing downtime and resource allocation. With a simplified hardware setup, the organization can redirect IT resources towards strategic initiatives, fostering productivity and cost-efficiency.

Elevating User Experience with an Easy-to-Use Platform

The transition to Rhombus enhances usability for both IT professionals and in-club management teams. The intuitive interface of the Rhombus console requires minimal training, facilitating efficient system management and maintenance.


This transformative upgrade has not only resolved issues related to video quality, hardware failures, and storage limitations but has also bolstered operational efficiency and security measures. In-Shape Family Fitness can now confidently navigate their rapid expansion with a scalable surveillance infrastructure that not only meets their current needs but also accommodates future growth. Rhombus remains committed to empowering In-Shape Family Fitness with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled support, ensuring that they continue to thrive.

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