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No other cloud system comes close. Rhombus checked off more of the boxes - they had better pricing, easy-to-use software, and a team that’s transparent, honest, and service oriented.Cindee BurnsDirector of Facilities and Safety, Colony Hardware

Colony Hardware is a supply and distribution company that delivers tools, supplies, and safety equipment to commercial contractors. In only 3 years, Colony Hardware has added 20 new stores, bringing their total to 30 locations across the United States. Cindee Burns, Director of Facilities and Safety, was tasked with implementing modern video security infrastructure to improve efficiency and security across all locations.

The Challenges

Colony Hardware used traditional DVR/NVR systems for each store. At one of their locations, a break-in occurred in the middle of the night where an enormous amount of merchandise was stolen in five hours.

“This was a well-planned, well-organized robbery.” Cindee said about the event. “They cased the building and knew exactly where the control center was for our video security system. They cut a hole into the building and disabled the system. The only piece of video evidence we had was them driving up to the store right before it all happened.”

Leveraging a traditional DVR/NVR system for their multiple locations proved to be difficult. The user-experience and software capabilities didn’t meet expectations. Cindee needed a solution that could help prevent situations like this from happening in the future.

“DVR/NVR systems weren’t working for us anymore. These types of systems are siloed and inefficient, and there’s no way to identify suspicious behavior unless we have a manager glued to a screen actively reviewing footage. It’s just not realistic, and we needed a better way to ensure store security.” Cindee shared with us.

Colony Hardware needed a cloud-based system that improved overall security for their multiple locations and was more difficult to compromise. They were looking for a vendor that aligned with their core values in providing great products and phenomenal customer support.

The Solution

We provided Colony Hardware with a cloud-based solution that was not DVR/NVR dependent. Rhombus Systems removes the need for managing and maintaining servers, hard drives, or bulky hardware. This allowed for easy deployment and setup. Within a few short months, 275 Rhombus cameras were deployed across 10 stores with future plans to expand across all locations. From initial planning to implementation, we worked closely alongside Colony Hardware to ensure purchasing, installation, and training were done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Benefits


Rhombus Systems is entirely cloud-managed and eliminates the need to have on-site DVR/NVRs. Rhombus cameras have multiple security measures in place to help safeguard the system – such as end-to-end encryption, default local storage for continuous recording even during network outages, and cloud archiving for off-site data redundancy.

“DVR/NVR systems are highly reactive,” Cindee said. “Having your entire system on-site makes it incredibly easy for criminals to compromise the system, whether it’s disabling the cameras or stealing the servers and hard drives - once they do that, you’re left with nothing.”

Cindee shared a few benefits of no longer needing DVR/NVRs, “With Rhombus, you can try to compromise one or even two cameras - it doesn’t matter. The entire system will continue to record because it doesn’t rely on DVR/NVRs - they act as a separate system. The system has been reliable, and we no longer have to worry about whether the video security system is functioning properly. It just works, and we’ve been really happy.”

Easy-to-Use UI

“We had an incident happen at one of our locations in Orlando,” Cindee shared with us. “Our trucks were parked and vandalized in the middle of the night. In the Rhombus Console, I was able to easily locate the exact moment when the trucks were vandalized and share the clip with the police department.”

“There are so many tools, and they’re all very intuitive to use. Since I’ve been a customer, I can tell you guys values software because your software continues to get better in a really short period of time. Anyone, whether it’s people from the C-level to store managers, can easily log-in from their computer or mobile device and know exactly how to use the system.” Cindee added.

One Console for All Cameras and Locations

Rhombus Systems has 24/7 remote access on any device and makes it easy to manage unlimited cameras and locations on one central console.

“Installation and set-up were straightforward,” Cindee explained. “Managing all my cameras and locations from a single web console was effortless and satisfying. We had a bunch of separate systems, and if the C-level wanted to see what was going on at any given store, it was physically impossible. Now all we have to do is log-in to the system and select which location we want to view.”

Amazing Customer Service

With Rhombus Systems, you receive U.S. based technical support, a well-developed partner network to help with installation, and a team that is committed to providing you with the absolute best cloud video security platform in the world.

“You guys have been one of the best vendors that we work with!” Cindee exclaimed. “During the buying process, I never felt pressured to make a purchase. Natalie genuinely cared about our business and provided me with all the information I needed to make an informed decision. Whenever I have a question or need any help, I’ve always received a prompt response.”

Keys To Success

Upgrading to a new video security system is a major decision. There are different factors to consider before deciding on what type of video security system will work best. We worked closely alongside Colony Hardware to ensure proper knowledge resources were provided. After deciding to use Rhombus Systems, we connected Colony Hardware to one of our Partners to handle the installation. Our Account Executive, Natalie, reached out personally to ensure all key members were properly set-up and trained on how to use to the system.

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