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Why Hotels Need Security Cameras and How They Improve Hospitality

March 08, 2019


Due to recent events, the use of video security is becoming increasingly important. When examining hotels and those in hospitality, this could not be truer. Hotels exist to please and entertain guests and visitors, yet without specific measures in place, how can hotels guarantee customers will enjoy their stay? The answer is simple – with modern security cameras.

With a video surveillance system, organizations can be proactive and security-focused, so that guests can receive an experience they will remember for years to come. To explain the benefits of hotel security cameras, we will discuss the following topics:

• Using video surveillance for better hotel security

• How security cameras can assist in hotel loss prevention

• The benefits of hotel video security for legal issues

• Remaining competitive with hotel surveillance cameras

Using video surveillance for better hotel security

When people are looking for hotels to stay at, the primary driving factor is the expectation of a safe and comfortable environment. When a hotel delivers on this, a relaxing atmosphere is created which can result in guests spending more money during their stay. Security cameras provide hotels the ability to keep guests safe and prevent criminal activity from occurring on-premise. With a security-focused mindset, hotels reduce upsetting events and deliver an amazing experience that customers expect.

How security cameras can assist in hotel loss prevention

For any business, loss prevention can be detrimental, yet it can be mitigated by using security cameras. Theft can range from a wide-variety of unethical activities – such as food or bar shrink, missing cash, or non-hotel guests using amenities. Security cameras provide visibility in “hidden areas” to prevent theft by employees or customers and allows for better oversight on daily operations.

The benefits of hotel video security for legal issues

When legal issues arise having video evidence can prove how past events transpired. Video surveillance can be immensely useful for when slip-and-falls occur or if an employee was injured while on the job. This can help save a hotel thousands of dollars a year by protecting it from senseless lawsuits. Using security cameras can also minimize property claims and liability claims which can save hotels even more money.

Remaining competitive with hotel surveillance cameras

When a hotel uses security cameras, they can deliver the best possible experience to edge out competitors. There is nothing more damaging to a hotel than a disruptive event occurring while guests are present. These events can ruin a person’s stay and push them to never come back. Conversely, if a hotel delivers a stable and enjoyable environment, guests are likely to return, which generates reoccurring revenue and builds customer loyalty.


Customer experience and customer safety go hand-in-hand. It is impossible to deliver an enjoyable experience when systems are not in place to protect customers. Security cameras are less intrusive than hiring security guards, more cost-effective, and can deliver positive return-on-investment within the first-year. When hotels leverage modern video security, this communicates that the hotel values safety and the guest experience. It builds a level of trust that outdated hotels are not able to develop with customers because as technology continues to advance, consumers expect their hotels to advance as well.

If you have any questions about how modern video security can improve your hotel operations, please contact us at

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