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Securing 500,000+ sq. ft.

December 17, 2018

When you’re a business, ensuring the security of your location is no simple task. However, if you have 8 locations spanning over half a million square feet, this undertaking becomes incredibly difficult – especially if you’re using a traditional DVR/NVR system.

With existing systems, flexibility is virtually non-existent. You often have to forecast the number of cameras required, and if you happen to undershoot this forecast, you’re in for a very frustrating journey with video security.

This was the exact problem that Byrd’s Mini Storage was experiencing. The CEO, Calvin Byrd, was using a DVR system and was quickly running into issues with the scalability and lack of visibility over his multiple business locations.

With an enormous amount of space to cover, a traditional DVR/NVR system would not work. Luckily, Calvin found us, and we transformed his video security experience for the better.

To learn how we helped Byrd’s Mini Storage get more visibility and improve efficiency, check out our full-length case study.

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