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Safer Reopening with Smart Security Cameras: Introducing Rhombus Mask Detection

January 04, 2021


COVID-19 and its continued surges put businesses in an extremely tough position. How do you continue to protect employees and serve customers in a way that’s responsible and safe?

One of the most important ways to ensure organizational safety and reduce the spread of COVID-19 is for employees and visitors to wear facial masks. However, enforcing proper usage is easier said than done. Manual monitoring is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and for many, resources are already stretched thin.

Today, Rhombus is excited to announce Mask Detection to help support businesses with reopening and to create safer working conditions.

Rhombus Mask Detection is an efficient way to maintain safe environments at scale. With intelligent security cameras, a highly optimized AI neural network, and computing on the edge, Rhombus Mask Detection will automatically identify if individuals are wearing face coverings and issue real-time video alerts when they are not detected.

For a comprehensive look at how to return to work more safely, read COVID-19 Return to Work: How to Make Your Workplace Safer with Smart Physical Security Tools.

How Rhombus Mask Detection Works

  1. Activate: Turn on Mask Detection with a few simple clicks in the Rhombus Console and customize alert parameters based on location, schedule, users, and more.
  2. AI Monitoring: Your entire Rhombus camera network will analyze footage on the edge to determine if people are wearing masks throughout your organization.
  3. Real-time Alerts: When a person is missing a face covering, you’ll receive real-time alerts on any device with corresponding video footage for immediate response.


Rhombus identifies a visitor removing his mask and flags the incident as "Mask Missing" .

An Essential, Effective Tool

Why is Rhombus Mask Detection different and better than other approaches?

It’s scalable. Mask Detection works on your entire network of cameras, so you can ensure all visitors are wearing face coverings across all locations without extra time or labor.

It’s effective. Enforcing mask-wearing is a crucial way to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to stay in compliance with health and safety guidelines.

Other methods have been found to be difficult or less reliable; some businesses have tried checking visitor temperatures, but this is time and labor-intensive if done individually, and unfortunately, temperature-scanning security cameras are wildly innaccurate, especially if individuals are asymptomatic.

It’s integrated. Rhombus Mask Detection is only one component to the Rhombus physical security platform. In addition to smart security cameras, connected IoT sensors, and powerful edge-based analytics – Rhombus can integrate with leading business solutions, including:

  • Access control to limit and control visitors moving throughout your space (OpenPath, Kisi, PDK, and more)
  • Monitor particulate matter and air quality with IP Video’s HALO Smart Sensor
  • Smart building management and automated HVAC with additional integrations

Many businesses have responded to the COVID-19 crisis with courage, creativity, and resilience. The Rhombus Platform and Mask Detection are designed to help support your organization’s response to the pandemic and make security management even easier.

To see Rhombus Mask Detection in action, request a personalized demo, join an upcoming webinar, or start a free trial with a brand new Rhombus smart camera.

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