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Safe, Secure, and More Connected Security: Announcing the Rhombus M1 Motion Sensor

November 04, 2020


Earlier this year, Rhombus released the industry’s first video surveillance and sensor solution, combining the powerful R2 security camera with a suite of smart sensors. These sensors provide greater visibility at scale with true plug-and-play flexibility. When paired with an R2 camera, the sensors can track high-value items and alert you if they disappear, detect when someone accesses a restricted area, and can even catch equipment failure before it happens. The Rhombus sensors provide deeper insights into your physical space and are integrated with your cameras to provide synchronized, real-time video records and alerts.

As leaders in video surveillance and integrated sensor technology, Rhombus is excited to announce its newest addition to the line-up – the M1 Motion Sensor! This new sensor provides motion detection capabilities to provide enhanced situational awareness while respecting privacy in certain physical areas.

Key Benefits of the M1 Include:

  • Simple setup: Increase awareness without complex configuration, wires, or user manuals – just power on the sensor and install anywhere
  • Insight into camera-less locations: Acquire in-depth insights across all locations, including areas where cameras are not installed (conference rooms, employee break rooms, etc.)
  • Real-time motion detection: Immediately receive alerts on any device when motion is detected
  • Monitor occupancy: Identify when spaces are occupied or vacant to increase visibility, manage social distance, and streamline operations

How It Works:

Powered by an advanced passive-infrared sensor, the M1 collects data around the motion and light levels of the area it’s monitoring. The M1 detects movement from warm bodies, so when a person walks into a room, the sensor will issue an alert in real-time.

Like all Rhombus devices, management is done effortlessly from one unified console, either through the Rhombus Web Console or Mobile App.


An employee enters a conference room

On the devices page, the M1's status changes in real-time from 'vacant' to 'occupied'

Featuring the same plug-and-play nature as all Rhombus devices, the M1 can be set up with a simple press of a button and installed virtually anywhere without excess wiring or complicated configuration. The M1 comes pre-integrated, end-to-end secure, and designed to scale effortlessly to deliver maximum visibility across an organization with minimal effort.

M1 Pricing & Availability

The M1 Motion Sensor is available now and starts at $69 per sensor and requires an annual license. For the latest M1 information, please visit the following pages:




The M1 motion sensor is shipping now, so if you’re interested please reach out and we’ll get you started with some today!

No matter how many locations, cameras, or sensors you have deployed – the open Rhombus platform delivers uncompromising performance, flexibility, and reliability for any situation. If you would like to learn more, please contact

Poduim with two Rhombus cameras and a computer and phone showing the console

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