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Benefits of the R170 Smart Camera for Retail, Restaurants, and Offices

September 27, 2022


The R170 micro-dome is the smallest, most powerful cloud-native dome camera on the market today.

Unlike other security cameras, the R170 combines high-resolution video and intelligent AI analytics with a discreet micro-dome form factor. In this article, we’ll explore why that benefits restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and any business where aesthetics matter.

Powerful security in a discreet form factor

Video surveillance is one of the most common physical security solutions used to protect people, places, and assets. However, in some environments, the visual presence of security cameras can disrupt the décor and feel of the area.

The R170 is designed to let businesses preserve the aesthetics of their space. With a low profile and tiny footprint, it blends into the background of any environment.

In a coffee shop, the R170 camera is mounted high on a pillar, with a zoom effect showing the same camera up close

Increase safety without feeling ‘under surveillance’

Studies show that people behave differently when they think they’re being watched. Security cameras—especially bullet cameras—are associated with surveillance and can feel like a warning.

For some organizations, this association is an advantage. Bulky, prominent security cameras double as a deterrent to discourage illegal behavior like theft and vandalism.

However, many businesses want to avoid creating the feeling of surveillance. Even though security cameras are one of the most common ways that organizations protect themselves, they can be off-putting to customers, employees, and visitors.

The R170 provides security and coverage that is equal to or better than larger camera models in a small and unobtrusive form. Businesses can use it to reliably protect people, places, and assets while maintaining a welcoming space.

The R170 delivers industry-leading performance in a small footprint. Pictured left to right: R170, R200, R400.

Provide retailers, restaurants, and offices with reliable surveillance without compromising on aesthetics or comfort


Dining at a restaurant is about more than the food served; customers expect a certain type of experience when they choose where to eat.

Restaurants seek to create a comfortable dining experience and consider everything from building architecture, to dining room décor, to room lighting. Especially in high-end establishments, bulky security cameras are at odds with the ambiance.

The R170 minimizes this with its discreet form factor. Though small, it delivers full enterprise video surveillance and allows restaurants to address many pain points for managers and owners:

  • Comply with capacity limits—monitor dining room occupancy with AI analytics and receive automatic alerts if restaurant capacity is reached.
  • Allow guests to relax and feel comfortable while maintaining accountability and protecting assets.
  • Minimize the impact of dine-and-dashing by capturing high-resolution video evidence.
  • Reduce theft and streamline operations for restaurant managers with tools like people counting, quick investigations, and easy-to-share video clips.
  • Resolve personnel conflicts—for example, Blake’s Lotaburger discovered employee fraud via Rhombus cameras.
  • Perfect for restaurant chains—manage security for multiple locations from one dashboard.

Maximum Occupancy Alert and foot traffic report from a full restaurant and bar popping up in the Rhombus Console


Everything in a store influences customer buying decisions, from the store’s ambiance, to music, to the placement of merchandise. Many retail stores are designed to create a state of comfort and flow for customers.

For some stores, the presence of security cameras can disrupt the shopping experience and discourage customers from spending more time in the store. In particular, cameras can make high-end stores feel less luxurious.

The R170 micro-dome is designed to provide powerful surveillance to retail stores without disrupting the customers’ shopping experience.

  • Obtain deeper insights into customer behavior with foot traffic reports and unique people counting.
  • Reduce shrinkage by automatically detecting unusual activity, and easily and securely share video evidence with law enforcement as needed.
  • Utilize enterprise-grade sensors to acquire actionable insights and secure facilities after hours.
  • Make line-busting smarter and more responsive by detecting when and where a store is busy.
  • Enable business leaders to manage security and operations for multiple stores—view all locations from a single pane of glass.

Unusual Activity Alert from a clothing retail store popping up in the Rhombus Console


An aesthetically-pleasing office can be a huge benefit in the corporate world. It communicates a polished and enterprise status to employees, visitors, and clients.

To fit these needs, the R170 has a sleek and modern appearance that allows organizations to preserve their office space's aesthetics and brand image. As part of Rhombus’ enterprise physical security platform, offices are also able to:

  • Protect employees, visitors, and assets with high-resolution video coverage.
  • Integrate with third-party access control systems for smarter building security.
  • Communicate trust and comfort to employees while providing increased safety.
  • Easily navigate footage to resolve incidents with intelligent search filters.
  • Enhance security with unusual behavior detection that learns what “normal” looks like for your office environment.
  • Extend remote access to onsite security with the Mobile App.

"Line Forming" Alert from an office lobby filled with business people popping up in the Rhombus Console


For retailers, offices, restaurants, and other businesses where aesthetics matter, the R170 micro-dome is a perfect fit. It allows organizations to protect their people, buildings, and assets with industry-leading performance while maintaining a welcoming environment and an attractive space.

To further enhance security while remaining discreet, many organizations use IoT sensors to monitor their spaces. These unobtrusive smart sensors can detect motion, air quality, temperature, entry use, and even unusual audio. Users can view and manage synchronized sensor data from the Rhombus Console and get deeper insight into their spaces.

For sales inquiries, trials, or more information about the R170, please reach out to the Rhombus team at

Poduim with two Rhombus cameras and a computer and phone showing the console

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