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Meet our 2022 Interns Who Learned About AI Analytics, Front-End Development, and Computer Vision


In honor of National Intern Day, we’re putting the spotlight on our wonderful 2022 interns! These bright and dedicated high schoolers and grad students have spent 10 weeks this summer working and learning with the Rhombus software engineering team. They’ve had hands-on experience with machine learning, front-end web development, APIs, and more.

We asked some of this year’s cohort about their experience—here’s what they shared!

Describe your overall experience interning at Rhombus.

Jack: My overall experience interning at Rhombus was formative and educational. I learned many things and really got a sense of how great startups and tech companies like Rhombus work. I really feel that this experience has prepared me for the real world and the Computer Science Industry as a whole.

Luke: My internship at Rhombus has been a great experience. Rhombus' internship structure allowed me a lot of autonomy in what I worked on and studied. I have gained experience in the fields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and front-end web development just to name a few.

Richard: My overall experience interning at Rhombus was even better than I expected. I was able to get a firsthand look at the development process, from brainstorming to a finalized, consumer-ready product. We were given the freedom to investigate possibilities for future Rhombus services. We also did some front-end work on the website.

Describe your favorite music/playlist to listen to when you’re working.

Jack: My favorite types of ear candy and music are hip hop, R&B, and political commentary from Twitch Streamer Hasan Piker.

Luke: For Python, I listen to classical rock; in TypeScript, I listen to instrumental music; and in Java and C, I listen to pop music.

Richard: My favorite music to listen to when I’m working is anything by either Kanye West, 42 Dugg, or Future.

What’s the most interesting challenge you faced?

Jack: The most interesting challenge I have faced was molding and shaping an idea from scratch into a product. Usually in academia, there’s a problem and a solution. But in the real world, it doesn’t work like that as problems either have complex solutions or maybe no solution at all.

Luke: The most interesting challenge I faced was coding my first successful AI-based program. Before my internship at Rhombus, I had no experience with machine learning or AI, let alone facial detection and other advanced features. But since then, I have coded much more complex machine learning programs.

Richard: The most interesting challenge I faced was figuring out the web development side of programming. I didn’t have much prior experience with React, and it was a bit overwhelming at first. But once I understood the basics and got some help, it became a lot easier.

What’s been your favorite part about your experience at Rhombus?

Jack: My favorite part about my experience at Rhombus would definitely be the people, as everyone here is super chill and very welcoming! I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else but here as I have made lifelong friendships here and shared priceless moments with them.

Luke: I have loved coding professionally and having a large amount of freedom in what projects I choose and how I spend my time at Rhombus most effectively for me. Rhombus also has a great company culture; I have never been to a workplace with so much ping pong and general fun. It was a great place to work.

Richard: My favorite part about my experience at Rhombus is the work environment. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. I like playing ping pong at lunch and when people bring their dogs to work.

Interested in joining the team at Rhombus? You can check out open positions here!

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