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Meet our 2021 Interns Who Learned About Machine Learning, APIs, and Cloud Technology

September 30, 2021


This year’s Rhombus internships were a huge success! Six students from the local Sacramento area and beyond spent the summer working and learning with the Rhombus software engineering team.

We’ve asked our two college interns, Jaya and Ben, to share their experiences from this summer. Here’s their perspective on what they worked on, what they learned, and their favorite parts of interning at Rhombus.

Describe your overall experience interning at Rhombus.

  • Jaya: Rhombus Systems is breaking the stigma of what a stereotypical internship looks like. Unlike in movies, the Rhombus team really cares about teaching and helping interns gain knowledge about computer vision in security and machine learning. With great office culture, I was able to fit right in and have a smooth transition. Overall, I had a wonderful experience at Rhombus!

  • Ben: Working at Rhombus Systems has been an excellent experience and it has been my pleasure to work alongside and get to know the team. One of the best aspects of this experience was how it was always inspiring to see or hear about the projects my coworkers were taking on—it's wonderful to be surrounded by such an innovative team at Rhombus.


The Summer 2021 Intern Team (minus Ben, who was fully remote): Jeron, Brandon, Daniel, James, and Jaya.

What internship goals did you have for this summer?

  • Jaya: My goals coming into this summer were not only to get experience, but also to learn how Artificial Intelligence works and is used in Physical Security and Cloud Technology. At Rhombus Systems, I was able to do exactly that and more! During my time here, I was able to work on projects including Anomaly Detection in Time Series Sensor Data, learn how facial and object detection is implemented with machine learning, and create cool examples of what the Rhombus API can do.

  • Ben: When I first connected with Rhombus Systems at the beginning of the summer, I was hopeful that I would be able to gain valuable experience and exposure to machine learning and applications of computer vision in security while making meaningful contributions to the team and their work. The Rhombus team helped me to fulfill these goals and feel as though I was a member of the team even though I was working from multiple time zones away.

What’s the most interesting challenge you faced?

  • Jaya: One of the most interesting challenges I came across was researching and implementing something I researched. In school, you are taught how to do something and then given an assignment on that topic. However, during my internship I was given the freedom to research my own topic and figure out which algorithm works best and build upon it.

  • Ben: Working remotely could have been a great challenge, but the Rhombus team took it in stride, and I never once felt as though I was disconnected or "lost at sea." Instead working remotely encouraged me to work through a problem fully before asking for advice.


The internship team presented their projects to the whole company in person and through Zoom.

What’s your favorite part about your experience at Rhombus?

  • Jaya: Not only is it a wonderful place to learn and work at, the Rhombus team is fun and super welcoming to everyone! Every day, there is always someone new to meet and connect with. My top takeaways from this summer were making strong connections, understanding how Machine Learning works, and seeing what life after college looks like.

  • Ben: One of my favorite things about this experience was the wide range of projects I worked on and problems I got to work on. Everyday offered an opportunity to tackle a new challenge and learn something new. I was able to work on projects that addressed a need of the team or the users and was privileged to take ownership of the solutions.

Interested in joining the team at Rhombus? You can check out open positions here!

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