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June Product Update - Control the Outcome with Rhombus Systems

June 08, 2020


At Rhombus Systems, the experience of you and your team come first. With another month behind us, here are the latest product updates that deliver even more value to your organization.

Simplified Console Dashboard – The Right Information at the Right Time

If you haven’t yet noticed, the Console Dashboard features a simpler interface to make it quick and easy to obtain the right pieces of information when it matters most.

The Dashboard now features:

  • Enlarged video playback for alerts
  • System status for all of your cameras and sensors
  • Easily accessible analytics and data charts
  • View dashboard data for particular locations

License Plate Alerts for Suspicious Vehicles

Like Facial Recognition Alerts, you can now receive automated Vehicle Alerts across all cameras and locations.

Additionally, License Plate Recognition now features:

Customize the Areas You Want to Capture with Privacy Masks

In the camera details page, you can now set privacy masks for any camera across your entire system.

For situations where you don’t want cameras capturing sensitive information (i.e. computer monitor in a healthcare facility or banking office), you can now “black out” certain parts of the video to prevent it from being captured or recorded.

Receive Alerts for Specific Areas with Activity Regions

In the camera details page, we’ve enhanced the capabilities for Activity Regions. For even more control, you’re now able to ignore motion or receive alerts for certain areas of the video, allowing you to fine-tune how you would like to receive alerts.

Greater Security Features for Your Organization

We recently launched new permissions for sharing and downloading video. Click here to read a full explanation of all permissions.

The Rhombus Console now supports Two-Factor Authentication so that only authorized users are accessing the system. Click here to learn how to enable it.

In Case You Missed It

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Read our recent GDPR article if you’re currently in the EU or have plans to expand there.

Poduim with two Rhombus cameras and a computer and phone showing the console

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