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Flexible Notifications & New Integrations — Snooze Alerts, Remote Unlock, and More

July 18, 2022


Every month, Rhombus releases new features that make your physical security experience smarter, more powerful, and more streamlined.

This month brings the highly-requested Alert Snooze feature—plus, new integrations and enhancements to existing integrations with Envoy, Kisi, OpenPath, and ProdataKey.

Here's what's new:

Flexible Notifications: Pause and Snooze Alerts

Need a 30-minute break, or to quiet an entire building for an evening? Alert Snooze is now live! You can quickly and easily pause alerts as needed, so you can focus on what matters.

Alert Schedules vs. Snoozing

Intelligent alerts are a key part of the Rhombus solution. Organizations can set custom notifications based on a variety of AI-based analytics: video analytics, audio analytics, environmental data, and more.

However, there inevitably are times when you don’t want to receive notifications. When these periods occur regularly, the best way to manage alerts is to set schedules. For example, if you consistently want to receive notifications only on Monday through Friday, never on the weekends, you can 'set and forget 'a custom time frame with those rules.

Alert Snooze, on the other hand, is perfect for when you want to pause notifications on a one-off basis.

Snooze Alerts for Quick, Ad-Hoc Silencing

With Pause/Snooze, you can quickly and easily snooze notifications as needed.

Snooze gives you more control over alerts and is ideal for temporary pauses, last-minute changes, and rare or one-off circumstances.

Activate user-based snooze to temporarily pause notifications for a specific person.

Ways to Snooze

User-Based Snooze
You can now pause all alerts for a specific user. This setting is perfect for quieting devices during meetings, respecting employee vacations, and temporarily stopping notifications when there isn't time to change the recurring schedule.

For example, when an employee goes on vacation, you can snooze their alerts for the trip duration without interrupting any other permissions or settings.

Device-Based Snooze & Location-Based Snooze
You can pause alerts on a specific device or for an entire location. This feature is helpful if you know that 'unusual activity' will occur at your facility on a particular date, and you don't need to receive alerts for it.

For example, a school may typically trigger an alert if people are detected in classrooms after hours. However, when it's time for parent-teacher conferences or an open house, people are expected to be on campus at an 'unusual' time. To avoid unnecessary alerts, the school can snooze notifications for specific cameras in areas where activity is expected, such as classrooms, the gym, or the auditorium. They can also choose to snooze alerts for the entire location if needed.

Use device-based snooze to temporarily pause alerts for specific cameras and sensors.

Access Control Integrations: Remote Unlock Straight from the Rhombus Console

As an integration-friendly platform, Rhombus continuously develops ways to help you get the most out of your existing solutions.

This month, we’re excited to announce Remote Unlock, now available with our Kisi, OpenPath, and ProdataKey integrations.

Rhombus’ access control integrations allow you to manage insights from both systems on one unified dashboard. Access events are automatically marked in the Rhombus timeline, so you can view and jump to video clips in just one click.

Now, you can also initiate a door unlock straight from the Rhombus Console!

Remote unlock is currently available with the Rhombus + Kisi integation, Rhombus + Prodatakey (PDK) integration, and the Rhombus + OpenPath integration.

Best-in-Class Guest Management with Rhombus + Envoy

Rhombus now seamlessly integrates with the best guest management solution on the market: Envoy.

This plug-and-play integration helps organizations create a warm welcome for guests while safeguarding people, property, and ideas at scale.

With this integration, you can:

  • Safely welcome visitors and centrally manage the security of people and property
  • Automatically save a video clip and create a searchable event marker for every check-in
  • Increase safety by screening visitors and verifying guest identity via facial recognition
  • Protect restricted areas by monitoring guest movement across the entire location
  • Build powerful workflows between Envoy, Rhombus, your preferred access control solution, and more

If your workplace manages a lot of visitors, the Rhombus + Envoy integration is the best way to keep guests safe and understand the complete picture from check-in to check-out.

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