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Introducing the Rhombus R2 Enterprise Security Camera

June 03, 2019


We take great pride in listening to the feedback we receive and being able to deliver new, innovative solutions based on that feedback. By far the most common feedback request we receive is, “When will you have a dome camera?”.

So, with great excitement, we’re proud to introduce the R2 – a mini-dome camera that delivers exceptional performance with crystal clear, high-definition video to help organizations protect their most valuable assets like never before.


The R2 is much more than just another dome camera. With incredible processing power, the R2 will enable cutting-edge applications for years to come. Before we jump into those applications, let’s discuss the camera specs first.

R2 Camera Specs

The R2 will capture video with a 5MP 1/2.8” CMOS Sony image sensor coupled with a F/2.0 lens enabling a wide 115-degree field of view. This delivers full HD 1080p streaming with amazing video clarity.

Featuring stronger IR LED’s, the R2 will provide solid low-light performance and capture objects from 50 feet away in total darkness, compared to the R1’s 25 feet range.

Moving beyond the lens and image sensor, the R2 is powered by a quad-core Ambarella chip – one of the most advanced computer vision chips on the market today – with over 4X the processing power compared to the R1. Additionally, the chipset comes with a sophisticated image/video DSP (digital signal processor) that is capable of doing defective pixel correction, backlight compensation, 3D motion compensated noise reduction, 3-axis electronic image stabilization, and WDR/HDR to provide intelligent video encoding capabilities.

All of these improvements enable us to provide better data to our deep learning models resulting in more accurate object and scene recognition results.

As with the R1, a long-range version of the R2 will also be available that can read license plates and recognize faces over 100 feet away.


Key Differences from R1

The R2 brings significantly better performance compared to the R1 in nearly every facet. Down below, you’ll find a summary of the key differences between the two cameras.

Powerful Applications Enabled by R2

This new, blazingly fast chipset allow us to run deep learning models completely on the actual cameras with zero cloud support unlike our current hybrid (camera + cloud ) model, enabling the R2 to perform tasks like object recognition (is it a car, computer, person, etc) and facial recognition in real time at up to 30 fps (frames per second). Thus, if a potential issue arises, the system can issue alerts much quicker than existing systems in the market.

By shifting all the processing onto the camera, this delivers a simpler architecture that isn’t reliant on the cloud to be available.

You’re going to see major advancements in the overall capabilities of our solution in the coming months, as we’re currently working on more innovative features that will leverage the new processing power of the R2.

Furthermore, the R2 features H.265 encoding. For those that gloss over technical terms, this standard is 2 times more efficient at storing video than H.264 found in the R1 camera. This means even more efficient bandwidth usage while streaming and more video storage with the same amount of memory.

Availability and Pricing

Are you excited to get your hands on R2? Pre-orders are now open, and cameras will ship in August. Please be sure to contact us at to place your order as initial quantities might be limited.

The R2 will be $499 with 20 days on camera storage, and for those wanting more space, the 40-day option will be $599.

For anyone that orders from now until August 1st, we will discount each camera by $50. As with all cameras, the R2 will come standard with a 5-year warranty and a 60-day money back guarantee.

We’re incredibly excited to get this camera in your hands so that you can start experiencing the difference for yourself. In the meantime, let the countdown begin and thank you for your support!

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