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Rhombus and Pimloc Unite to Safeguard Individuals and Privacy Rights

March 28, 2023


The technology partnerships we build at Rhombus are getting stronger every day! We recently partnered with Pimloc, an AI video privacy and analytics company, to integrate Pimloc's Secure Redact, an API-based video redaction solution, into Rhombus' cloud-managed enterprise solution to ensure that all personally identifying information (PII) is removed from captured or live video.

The partnership is a significant milestone in setting a new standard for security and data privacy in the US. It enables enterprises to protect people and businesses without compromising personal data privacy. With Rhombus’ technology being used in over 25,000 locations by more than 1,500 customers, Pimloc has expanded its US footprint to some of the largest organizations in the country.

Video surveillance is the top physical security solution used by US enterprise organizations, with 98% of security professionals deploying it, and it is rated as the most critical tool in today's physical security strategy. However, managing the privacy of personal data captured on security cameras is complex. In the absence of a comprehensive federal law on data privacy, businesses must navigate a patchwork of state data privacy laws enacted on both the federal and state level. Alongside legislative requirements, there is mounting pressure from consumers and advocacy groups for personal data to stay protected and private.

Our integration with Pimloc helps manage these challenges by automatically blurring all PII across video data at scale. The automated SaaS solution anonymizes nearly 300 times faster than traditional video editing solutions, helping organizations save valuable time and resources. Enterprise leaders can improve security and operations with a comprehensive, cloud-managed video security system and be confident that they are meeting data privacy legislation.

Simon Randall, CEO at Pimloc, said, "The public debate on video surveillance has been heated on all sides: 'freedom' on one side versus 'security' on the other. Obviously, both are absolutely fundamental to Americans' livelihoods, and now, thanks to the responsible and intelligent use of technology, we can have both. Video is one of the most valuable tools we have to keep our streets safe, and its analytical capabilities are invaluable to business life."

Randall added, "Rhombus is at the top of the league when it comes to smart camera security. Their software is second to none, and the team truly understands how to help governments and organizations streamline operations to enhance security. We're excited to be working with them to further support enterprises, starting with the healthcare, retail, and manufacturing industries. We aim to enable these sectors to improve security, reduce fraud and enhance business processes, while safeguarding people's fundamental right to privacy."

Garrett Larsson, Rhombus CEO and Co-Founder, commented, "Data security and privacy is a high priority for many companies. Organizations must prioritize safe data management to build employee and consumer confidence in video security and reassure the public that it does not encroach on their privacy. That's why we partnered with Pimloc. By combining their industry-leading Secure Redact platform with our smart video systems, we are empowering organizations to improve security, enhance operational efficiency, and keep individuals' faces and personal information confidential."

This partnership is a significant step forward in ensuring that businesses prioritize safe data management and data privacy. As video surveillance continues to be a critical tool in physical security strategies, solutions like Secure Redact will be vital to ensure that personal data stays protected and private.

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