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Experience Smarter Security - Best-of-Breed Cloud Video Surveillance Seamlessly Integrated with Modern Access Control

June 15, 2020

When it comes to the safety of your employees, assets, and workspace – you always want the best solutions. To ensure you receive the absolute best performance possible, Rhombus includes over 20 integrations with tried-and-true, industry-leading solutions ranging from access control, incident management and notification tools, storage management, single sign-on, and so much more. Read our latest blog post, detailing why it is critical to have a video security system with open integrations.

Earlier this year, we announced powerful integrations with best-in-class cloud access control systems, Kisi and Openpath. These integrations enabled us to pioneer a new era in cloud-managed physical security by providing unprecedented insights into your space. Like with all Rhombus integrations, connecting with leading enterprise solutions takes only a few clicks.

Once the integration has been set-up, the Rhombus security cameras will automatically monitor your entry point leveraging the latest in AI and facial recognition technology. When an individual uses a badge/credential to gain access, two powerful systems are working seamlessly together. First, the access control system will verify if the credential is from an authorized or unauthorized user. Once the credential has been verified, Rhombus will then analyze the individual face and determine if the person is using the correct credential. From there, depending on your deployment, Rhombus will capture full HD video across all cameras and locations, giving you deeper insights as to what is going on in your space – from entry to interaction.

For enhanced security operations and complete peace-of-mind, custom alerts can also be configured to notify you instantly, on any device, whenever an authorized, unauthorized, or tailgater enters your space. Furthermore, Rhombus will automatically mark all entry activity (authorized, unauthorized, and tailgating) within the video player, allowing you to quickly skip and find the footage that you are looking for.

An unauthorized entry alert was automatically created, and a notification was sent directly to your device.

Watch the video of the unauthorized entry to respond accordingly.

Additional benefits of using the Rhombus and Access Control integrations, include:

• Improved Safety and Visibility

• Quickly Verify Entry Events

• Standard Remote Monitoring

• Reduce Hardware Footprint and IT Hassle

With Rhombus, it is easier than ever to connect with the world’s best enterprise tools. Contact us at to learn how integrations can revolutionize your security.

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