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Cloud Storage Benefits for IP Security Camera Systems

August 06, 2019


Cloud IP cameras are becoming more widely adopted by businesses. Many organizations, however, are not ready to fully switch their video security infrastructure entirely to the cloud. This is where leveraging cloud storage with your current IP cameras can be incredibly beneficial to your organization.

A strategy that IT managers utilize, to slowly transition their organization to the cloud, is to implement cloud storage with their current IP camera system. The way this works is simple; IP cameras capture footage and securely sends it to the cloud for storage.

Switching your existing infrastructure to the cloud can help save your organization money as well as experience numerous benefits. In this article, we will share some of those benefits and what you can expect when adding cloud storage to your current video security system.

Benefit #1 – Less Hardware to Manage and Maintain

From an article published by IPVM, ~30% of video surveillance hard drives fail after 5 years. When more pieces of hardware are required for a system to operate, this increases the chances of your system breaking down. One failing component can compromise a camera, a set of cameras, or the entire system.

Using cloud storage can replace the need for hard drives entirely, and a cloud video security system can replace not only hard drives but also servers, DVR/NVRs, and more. Cloud storage can remove some of the burdens from managing and maintaining hardware to help maximize IT resources for your organization.

Benefit #2 – Remote Access to Footage

Through traditional video security methods, you are required to physically be on-site when you want to access or view footage. Having cloud storage allows you to store footage off-site and enable the ability to remotely access your footage at any time.

Benefit #3 – Data Redundancy

The problem with traditional storage methods is that all footage is stored on-site. If someone accesses your control center, they can easily steal or compromise your footage. Adding cloud storage to your video security system ensures that you always have footage securely stored off-site to prevent loss of video evidence.

Benefit #4 – Increased Flexibility

Traditional video security systems require you to buy hard drives and servers and involve forecasting how much hardware and storage you will need now and in the future. Forecasting inaccurately causes many organizations to purchase expensive equipment that is underutilized, which can affect business cash flow and operations. Cloud storage mitigates these types of situations, allowing you to purchase the right amount of storage based on your needs.

Wrapping Up

We hope you enjoyed this article covering the numerous benefits of cloud storage. Cloud storage options differ from vendor to vendor, but this should give you a general idea on what you can expect. Though Rhombus Systems does not provide cloud storage as a stand-alone option, all these benefits, and more, are just some of the reasons why organizations are upgrading to Rhombus Systems.

If you have any questions about this article or would like to learn more about cloud video security, feel free to reach out as we are more than happy to help.

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