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Asset Tracking: Never Lose Anything in Your Office with the Rhombus T1 Asset Tags

October 15, 2020

The Problem

Do you frequently have items in your office or workspace that go missing? Maybe you work at a school, and the projector ends up in a random room, or you work on a manufacturing line, and a tool isn’t where it’s supposed to be. In these different scenarios, there is often no data or visibility about where important items are other than relying on someone’s memory, which is never a great idea.

Whether you rely on legacy methods to keep track of where items are across an organization or use more modern processes, I think we can all agree that keeping track and locating high-value assets is not easy an easy task.

The Solution: Rhombus T1 Asset Tags

Meet the Rhombus T1 Asset Tag. The Asset Tag is just one part of a suite of sensors the Rhombus Platform offers and works similarly to Tile but packed with technology to support large-scale enterprise deployments with incredible reliability.

Designed to work over Bluetooth (BLE), the Asset Tag seamlessly communicates with any Rhombus R2 camera and is battery operated, allowing simple installation and the ability to attach to any object or surface in seconds.


Designed for maximum flexibility and ease of use, the Asset Tag will immediately provide real-time insights into where an item is located, its movement patterns within a floorplan, and whether it has entered or left a location. All sensor data across locations are managed effortlessly through the Rhombus Console and Mobile app without any complicated configuration, delivering smarter security and asset management at scale.


Furthermore, when asset-related events occur, corresponding video clips are automatically created to provide a comprehensive and complete picture of what caused the event (i.e., someone removing the item from a designated area, why the item has disappeared, etc.).


What’s Possible with the Rhombus Asset Tags

At Rhombus, customers have gained tremendous value from implementing Asset Tags within their organization. Some of the most common benefits customers across different industries have received are:

  1. Manufacturing – Identifying where materials are in the production line, how long they are taking at each station, and knowing when items are sent from one location and received at another.
  2. Schools – Tracking inventory for essential equipment (projectors or computers) and locating items that have not been returned.
  3. Construction Sites – Locating important tools and ensuring they aren’t removed from the job site.
  4. Offices – Attaching to a pair of keys (either master keys or employees’ keys) to know where they are in case of emergencies.

Get a Free Trial of the Rhombus Sensors

As leaders in cloud video surveillance and integrated sensor technology, the open Rhombus platform enables organizations to create a perfectly tailored security solution with minimal effort. Add individual sensors, integrate with your most valued business tools, and build custom functionality with the Open API – Rhombus delivers security built specifically for you.

Try the Rhombus T1 Asset Tags for free by contacting and let us know how you use them within your organization! You can also pair them with any of our other sensors to get the complete Rhombus Platform experience.

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