California Family Fitness

Upgrading Made Easy

Upgrading from a traditional system to Rhombus has been a total game changer. They’ve taken something that could be very complex and made it so simple. For any piece of technology, that’s really hard to do, and I give them kudos for pulling it off.
- Bryan Taylor, Senior Director of IT and Cyber Security at California Family Fitness
Inside a CalFit health club

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About California Family Fitness

California Family Fitness (Cal Fit) is a top-rated health club in the Sacramento area with 20 locations in the region. Cal Fit leverages video security technology to assist in staff development training and risk management. Scott Hollitz, Vice President of Operations, was searching for a cloud-based video surveillance system, as their provider was no longer compatible with their current needs. Cal Fit needed a solution that was affordable, easy to manage, had remote visibility, and that employees could utilize to improve day-to-day operations.

The Challenges

Cal Fit was using a traditional closed-circuit system that involved servers, hard drives, and proprietary software with nonexistent user rights management and required frequent manual updates. Cameras and hard drives failed regularly, and with limited IT resources, the amount of time and effort it took to maintain the system continued to increase.

Web browser and mobile application access were not available, and when they ran into issues, onsite tech support was sporadic. Cal Fit was expanding quickly, and the process of adding more cameras to their outdated infrastructure was cumbersome, and costly, due to additional licenses, servers, and hard drives.

The Solution

Rhombus Systems worked with Scott and Cal Fit’s Senior Director of IT and Cyber Security, Bryan Taylor, on a strategy to transition from their existing system. Rhombus Systems connected them with a local trusted partner to handle installation. Together, we created a sitemap and strategic deployment plan for implementation of the new system. Rhombus Systems, along with our trusted partner, has provided quality customer support and has since installed hundreds of cameras across various Cal Fit health club locations in a quick and efficient time frame.

The Benefits

Benefits of this transition include Cal Fit upgrading from a traditional legacy system to a cloud-managed solution that meets all of their requirements. Cal Fit was able to significantly reduce the amount of time IT spent maintaining and managing the system, while also improving the experience of its end-users by allowing them seamless access through web browsers and mobile apps.

Secure 24/7 Browser and Mobile Access

With Cal Fit’s previous system, accessing video feeds required employees to use special software and be on-site. Rhombus Systems allows employees to view video feeds on any browser or mobile device. For example, if an alarm is triggered in the middle of the night, managers are able to view live feeds directly on their mobile device. This enables them to assess the situation prior to driving to a club location. Additionally, Cal Fit’s management team now has the ability to create custom roles, and permissions, to ensure that designated employees have appropriate levels of system access.

Storing and Saving Clips

Cal Fit’s previous system stored video clips for only a short period of time. This required the IT team to export all clips to company servers, increasing monthly storage costs. This issue no longer exists as their team can instantly save an unlimited amount of video clips directly to the Rhombus System’s cloud.

Reduce Hardware Footprint

By using Rhombus Systems, Cal Fit is able to streamline the amount of hardware their IT team previously maintained. Cal Fit is no longer concerned about failing servers and hard drives – the only piece of hardware to manage is the camera. This allows Cal Fit to maximize their IT resources, improving productivity, and saving on labor costs.


The transition to Rhombus Systems is not only beneficial to Cal Fit’s IT department, but also to the in-club management team. Along with providing a system that’s easy to manage and maintain, the Rhombus System’s console has virtually zero learning curve and is simple and straightforward to use.

Keys To Success

Through frequent communication with Scott, Bryan and our partner the implementation process has been seamless. Rhombus Systems is not just another vendor, but a business partner that understands challenges and offers real solutions to their clients.

Poduim with two Rhombus cameras and a computer and phone showing the console

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